3 Ways to Save By Knowing Your NMFC Numbers

Dec 23

3 WAYS TO SAVE by knowing your nmfc numbers


Density, class, item number, description... do you know yours? NMFC updates happen every quarter and are crucial for all shippers to be aware of, as it directly impacts your freight spend. Stay up to date on the latest NMFC changes and you'll save in more ways than one!

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1. save money


Make sure you are aware of any changes in the class of your freight prior to it being sent out. Rate quotes are offered based on the accuracy of the information provided, so if your freight is shipped under the wrong class, it will likely be re-weighed and the class will be adjusted, thus changing the price that you were originally quoted. 


Stay up to date on NMFC changes so you can proactively change the NMFC number in your TMS or on any other pre-populated shipping documents. By being aware of the changes ahead of time, there will be no extra time spent reweighing your pallets or fixing documents for your carrier.


Nobody likes doing extra work. By knowing your freight information before submitting the documents needed to ship your freight, there will be more guarantee that your shipment will stay right on schedule.  Your carrier will have all the information they need to get your freight en route to the destination without having the carrier redimentionalize your shipment.


Stay in the loop with freight class changes by following Roadrunner Freight on social media. We will keep you informed with all of the NMFC updates that will be effecting the LTL industry. Save time, save money and save yourself a headache!

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