6 Ways To Ship Smarter With RapidShip

Dec 12

6 Ways To Ship Smarter With rapidship


How many times have you sent a shipment out for delivery and the destination was unable to fit a 53' foot trailer? Or the driver wasn't prepared for a residential delivery because you weren't aware? A TMS is a powerful tool when LTL shippers use it correctly, and the Roadrunner Freight team has a few tips and tricks to help you make the most of your new tool.



tip 1: create a product list

Do you have a common list of products that you ship to customers? Save even more time by building a product list. When you quote a shipment, you'll easily be able to select one of your pre-created items and modify any necessary details, such as shipment height, pallet count and more.

tip 2: put the customer name in the reference id number

RapidShip offers a color-coated shipment calendar so you can easily identify where your shipment is. Go one step further by adding the customer name or product being shipped in the reference ID number of the quote. This will allow you to easily see which product has been delivered, picked up and more. 

tip 3: Use the google maps feature to plan ahead 

Preview your delivery destination and add in any special delivery requirements ahead of time by viewing the location on Google Maps. Inside of the "Quote" tab, make sure you toggle the "Lookup" switch in the top right of the screen to enable this feature.

tip 4: enable density calculator suggestions

It's hard to keep track of all of the NMFC changes and which products that the updates may impact. Ultimately, you know your product best - but in case you are unsure, enable the "Density Calculator" to receive suggestions on your product before confirming a quote.

tip 5: save accessorials to locations 

Save yourself some time in front of the computer by saving common accessorials to your shipping destinations, such as a lift gate, residential delivery, etc.

tip 6: add your COMPANY logo

Personalize the RapidShip portal for your team and make them feel comfortable using a tool that was developed for shippers just like them. When you add a logo, it will also be added onto all of your shipping documents, both internally and externally.


Not using RapidShip yet?

Roadrunner Freight offers customers a free TMS to enable automation in their LTL shipping process. RapidShip enables shippers to view quotes for multiple carriers on a single-page view, track shipments via API and make data-driven decisions. Request access by clicking here.


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