8 Questions You Should Be Asking When Shipping to a Retailer

Jul 07

8 Questions You Should Be Asking When Shipping to a Retailer

Your business is growing and you’ve scored a deal with your first retail store - a big step in your business goals! Now that you’ve begun to enter the retail vertical, you’ll have to iron out supply chain details, such as how you’ll arrange shipments to the retailer’s distribution center or stores and how to meet their “Must Arrive by Date” window.

LTL shipping helps suppliers meet their retail shipping compliance expectations and offers scalability for businesses of all sizes. Whether it’s one pallet a month or several shipments a day, Roadrunner Freight’s experience in the retail market can help propel your business forward and continue expanding.

When you begin to ship to retailers, here are some questions you should be asking:

  1. What are the Bill of Lading shipping terms? Prepaid or collect?

  2. Who is responsible for the carrier selection?

  3. Are there specific MABD delivery requirements?

  4. Are appointments required for the carrier to deliver?

  5. Does the PRO label need to be applied at the pallet, case or order level?

  6. Is any additional paperwork required to accompany the shipment? Packing list, copy of invoice, etc?

  7. How is your performance evaluated on your vendor scorecard?

  8. What successes will allow you to improve your shelf space?

By having answers to the above, you’ll be able to plan your shipments efficiently and meet the retailers high expectations of their vendors. For more information on using LTL shipping for your retail needs, click here to fill out a form and a member of our team will reach out.

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