Best Practices for LTL Shipping into Retailers

Jun 18

Best Practices for LTL Shipping into Retailers


Shipping into a retailer requires a strong understanding of their compliance, expectations and what you, as a vendor, will be measured upon. Whether you are new to the retail vertical or a seasoned supplier, following these best practices will be sure to provide some helpful guidance. 

1. Have a copy of each retailer’s routing guide.

These routing guides act as your instruction manual and outline expectations of shipment deliveries, technology and operating details. These routing guides contain process details and the responsibilities that are expected of you. Make sure you obtain a copy of these guides when you start exploring a partnership with a new retailer.

2. Know how you will be measured.

Retailers score their suppliers on a vendor scorecard, which compiles common metrics that indicate the success and performance of each supplier. Knowing how you are measured will make you a better partner to any large retailers. Common metrics include:

    • On time service
    • Meeting delivery windows & appointment times
    • Complete orders

3. Understand the MABDs set by each retailer.

More and more retailers have strict “must arrive by dates” that require appointments or a delivery window for when a shipment must arrive. Understanding your retailer’s requirements will help you select the right shipping partner to meet this criteria

4. Communicate with your transportation partner.

Ensure your transportation partner is aware of your required service locations, any MABD requirements that your retailer has, predicted amounts of volume and service level expectations. Keep an open line of communication with your carrier and you’ll be rewarded with mutual growth and partnership as your business moves forward.

Roadrunner Freight Can Help You Ship Into Retailers

These best practices will help your business grow with retailers of all sizes and position you as a successful partner. For more information on shipping into retailers, reach out to us and a member of the Roadrunner Freight team will be in contact.

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