Buckle Up for Big Savings!

Feb 06

buckle up for big savings

This new year, shippers around the nation are crunching numbers and examining partnerships to see how they're going to meet their new transportation budget. Below are three tips that will have your boss impressed with your cost saving skills. Here’s how Roadrunner Freight can help you save big on LTL shipping.


Use Volume Spot Quotes

Have you ever had to move unplanned freight or freight that falls out of existing tariffs? A Volume Spot Quote tool can certainly help you in these situations. Roadrunner Freight offers a free API Volume Spot Quote tool to all of their customers. Connect directly to receive instant quotes for unplanned shipping situations. 

Upgrade Your Technology

Leave paper and written documents behind in 2019 and upgrade your technology with a free transportation management system. Roadrunner Freight offers RapidShip LTL, a free TMS, to all of their customers. This TMS enables each customer to consolidate their carriers, automate manual shipping processes and receive the best rates.

Analyze the Data

Using a transportation management system, like RapidShip LTL, allows shippers to easily compile and analyze data across all shipments booked through the TMS. This time next year, you'll have a full year's worth of data to look back at and use to better plan your 2021 freight!

Save more and ship smarter by partnering with Roadrunner Freight!

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