Eco-Friendly LTL Shipping

Feb 24

eco-friendly LTL Shipping


Did you know that the transportation industry is the largest source of carbon emissions in the U.S.? Our modern business era has a heavy focus on "going green", making it more important than ever for businesses to think about their environmental footprint. LTL shipping and going digital are just two ways your organization is able to reduce emissions and make strides towards a more sustainable environment. 

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LTL Shipping

LTL shipping is an eco-friendly way to reduce environmental emissions. The LTL shipping business model, including Roadrunner Freight, is designed to ensure the truck is filled before dispatching the truck to its destination. The truckload (TL) shipping method often dispatches trucks regardless if the truck is full, thus causing more trucks to be on the road and increase emissions. 

Going digital 

One of the most overlooked ways to go eco-friendly is to simply reduce on the physical printing of shipping documents. Going digital with your documents reduces the possibility of human error, keeps your documents organized and simplifies data transfer. To help LTL shippers go digital and simplify their supply chain, Roadrunner Freight offers a free TMS, RapidShip, an API Bill of Lading tool and more. 

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