Four Ways to Save On LTL Shipping in 2020

Dec 27

Four Ways to Save on LTL Shipping in 2020


With the new year beginning, LTL shippers around the nation are crunching numbers and examining partnerships to figure out how they're going to meet their new transportation budget. Rest assured that the below four tips will have your boss impressed - and you'll save quite a bit of money, too!

1. Use Volume Spot Quotes

Volume Spot Quote tools come in handy when shippers need to move unplanned freight or freight that falls out of their existing tariffs. Connect directly to Roadrunner Freight through our API Volume Spot Quote to receive instantaneous quotes for those sticky situations!

2. Upgrade your technology

Leave paper and written documents behind in 2019 and upgrade your technology with a free TMS! Roadrunner Freight offers RapidShip LTL to customers to enable them to consolidate their carriers, automate manual shipping processes and c. Learn about the other benefits of a TMS here.

3. Expand Your Partnerships

Not all carriers have the same business model, thus they often have different strengths, transit times and costs. By partnering with a variety of carriers, you'll be able to make the best decision for each shipment based on carrier, price and length of transit. Start 2020 off on the right note by requesting a quote to upgrade your carrier partnerships with Roadrunner Freight!

4. analyze the data

Using a transportation management system, like RapidShip LTL, allows shippers to compile data from all of the shipments booked through the TMS in one place. At this time next year, you'll have a full year's worth of data to look back at and use for your 2021 freight planning!


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