Leadership Spotlight: Chad Scott

Nov 10

Chad Scott began his career in the transportation industry almost 30 years ago. After working for a regional OTR company and a few other organizations that fall under the transportation umbrella, Chad developed plenty of experience in operations and a passion for safety.

He was ready for a career change at the beginning of this year and it was during this transition that COVID-19 hit the United States hard. It’s safe to say that fate came into play when Chad fell into the Western Region Safety Manager position at Roadrunner Freight, which he accepted in August of this year. Although Chad is one of our newer leaders, he hit the ground running and has a strong vision for Roadrunner Freight.



While Chad has an extensive background in operations, safety is what he is truly passionate about. He sees safety as a “great opportunity to impact peoples’ lives” and does his best to ensure all team members make it home in one piece every night.

He prides himself in his skilled areas and in his ability to speak the language of team members at all levels of the company. Being in the industry as long as he has been, Chad has had the opportunity to get to know each and every role within the industry and can tailor his safety endeavors and protocols in a way that is easily understandable by all.


Experiencing many unique organizations during his career in transportation, Chad has been able to recognize and appreciate Roadrunner Freight for its family-style culture. He was especially taken back by the commitment of team members across the company and their loyalty to Roadrunner Freight. Although the company has been through some very extreme changes recently, he was thrilled to see just how excited everyone was to be a part of something so great. Everyone was all in and that was something Chad could get behind.

Chad looks forward to the journey that comes along with making Roadrunner Freight the “Starship Enterprise of Safety” and developing a culture from top to bottom that prioritizes the safety of every team member and implements it into all that they do. He looks forward to the day Roadrunner Freight is seen as best in class in terms of safety.

We are so lucky to have been able to add someone as knowledgeable and driven as Chad to our team and look forward to helping him achieve Roadrunner Freight’s goals!

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