Leadership Spotlight: Greg Mcdermitt

Oct 27

On October 8th, one of our team members at our Nashville Service Center was found unresponsive in the breakroom. Team members quickly called 911 when Greg McDermitt, Manager of Weights and Inspections, darted into the room and administered CPR until the paramedics arrived. After the event occurred, another team member turned to Greg and said, “There was a reason you were here tonight.”

greg's marine corps background

Greg McDermitt is what one may call a ‘jack of all trades’. He is a Marine Corps veteran with a passion for accuracy and Jiu Jitsu. During Greg’s time with the Marine Corps, he trained in the emergency room at the Army hospital at night and gained CPR skills that he hoped he would never have to use. He entered into the transportation industry by working part-time at YRC, and then later transitioned into a full-time supervisory position when he joined the reserves.

Greg brings a unique skillset of discipline, accuracy and a knack for problem solving that he developed during both his time in the Marine Corps and to his current position at Roadrunner Freight. When asked what he admires most about our company, he stated “The way they (Roadrunner Freight) treat everyone.”

Advice for aspiring professionals

Flexibility and an eagerness to learn are two of the most important skills for those working in the transportation industry, according to Greg. He believes that to be a true asset, one must be well-versed in other roles and departments so they can help when called upon.

Greg, whose leadership style focuses heavily on his team members, stated “Management is not about getting product out the door. It is about building the capacity of your team to perform well.”

Building a strong and efficient team, spearheading new technology, and uncovering more accurate rates for his company are just a few of Greg’s accomplishments. But, his most proud accomplishment has been his ability to build a truly successful team that corrects mistakes and constantly strives to perfect inspections.



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