Leadership Spotlight: Heather Dunham

Nov 17

Heather Dunham, Human Resources Generalist, is one of Roadrunner Freight’s most up and coming leaders. Heather possesses one of the most positive attitudes and upbeat spirits while always pushing herself to learn more and be better.

After moving from Ohio to Nashville where she studied organizational communication, Heather found herself first in a Human Resources Coordinator role at a mortgage company and then in a similar role at a manufacturing company. She then made her way to Roadrunner Freight where she will celebrate her one-year anniversary this December.

Communicating our CULTURE

As a human resources practitioner, Heather is usually the first person potential new team members interact with. It is up to her to paint the picture of Roadrunner Freight’s culture to new employees. She does so by ensuring they feel both welcome and appreciated rather than like just another person. When asked to describe the company culture, she stated “The culture is great. Everyone is incredibly welcoming and the company allows for room to share ideas and grow”.

Heather greatly emphasizes positivity and problem solving as it is these two tools that have gotten her to where she is today. While she brings plenty of important skills to the table, it is her ability to hold herself accountable and grow from her mistakes that really makes her stand out. She hopes to be someone others can look up to for guidance and prides herself in her open-mindedness and approachability, all traits that are crucial to someone working in communications and human resources.

A Future in freight

Unlike many of the other leaders on our team, Heather is very new to the transportation industry and is also at the forefront of her human resources career. Being so fresh to the industry, Heather is highly motivated to become the best she can be. She hopes to continue perfecting her Human Resources Generalist role so she can dive deep into the operational side of things at Roadrunner Freight and, eventually, become a true industry expert.

Roadrunner Freight has gone through plenty of change in the last few years and, last year, Heather got to play a key role in that transition by bringing on new talent. Given her current role, her and her team had the opportunity to bring in many new people to join the Roadrunner Freight team and, so far, this is one of her most proud accomplishments.

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