Leadership Spotlight: Shellie Bennett

Oct 20

Roadrunner Freight is fortunate to have Shellie Bennett, Manager of Contractor Relations, as a crucial part of our team since 1996. Shellie not only brings a deep knowledge of the transportation industry to the table, but also a strong sense of mutual respect, kindness, and understanding that has contributed to the ‘Roadrunner Family’ culture felt throughout the company.

Shellie began her career at Roadrunner Freight in 1996 and expanded her skillset by working in almost every department within the company. Her flexibility and understanding of the different teams molded her into a dynamic asset capable of providing help to any department in need.

Shellie's unique leadership perspective 

During Shellie’s time with Roadrunner Freight, she has developed a very personable leadership style that allows her to customize her own management style to the learning styles of those on her team.

She believes it is her duty to advise and council her team in a way that allows them to understand and excel in their roles. “I treat you right, you treat me right,” Shellie stated when discussing the importance of mutual respect - another value that she holds high.

Shellie’s compassion for her team and her company come from her personal emphasis on the importance of kindness. She mentioned, “You get more flies with honey than with vinegar,” when asked about how she leads her team.


Shellie has accomplished some incredible feats throughout her career at Roadrunner Freight. She was promoted to Manager of IC Coordinators and was also named Employee of the Year in 2018. These two accomplishments were very well deserved and are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all of Shellie’s accomplishments.

Shellie Bennett’s time with Roadrunner Freight has been full of personal and professional growth. She admires the company’s sense of togetherness and the relationships she’s built along the way. When asked what she would tell someone at the beginning of their career in the industry, Shellie stated “Transportation gets into your blood, and you can’t get it out.”




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