Local Houston IC Leaves Customers with Smiles

Oct 26

Roadrunner Freight’s SHIP IT LIKE YOU OWN IT commitment was created to support our mission of providing customers with safe, reliable and on time deliveries. While these values are the driving force behind our operations, it is only possible because of our team members and Independent Contractors who uphold this commitment each day.


Over the last two months, the Roadrunner Freight team has received multiple emails from customers commenting on the great service provided by Corinthian Lynon, a local Roadrunner Freight IC from our Houston, TX service center.

One customer stated, “Corinthian delivered an order today in Seabrook, TX, and I just wanted to send a note to say that he was extremely helpful and courteous. It was a curbside delivery, but he brought it up my driveway to my garage, since I could not have managed to get it up my driveway by myself.”

Another customer had a similar experience with Corinthian who went above and beyond to help by placing the freight in an accessible location on the customer’s property, so the customer could easily put it where they wanted it to go.

In another esteemed email, the customer stated that Corinthian assisted by bringing the freight up to the building. According to the customer, Corinthian graciously helped with a great attitude, which made this delivery experience that much better.

This customer told the Roadrunner Freight team, “Please know that his kindness was greatly appreciated and as a company, you should be proud of the honor, respect and professionalism this gentleman displayed on behalf of Roadrunner Freight.”

We’re proud to have a business partner like Corinthian Lynon who delivers excellent service on behalf of Roadrunner Freight.


Delivering goods with excellent service doesn’t just occur at the delivery location. Corinthian says that if a piece of freight looks like it could use extra tape or packaging, he’ll take the time to ensure the product is packaged safely. He also said he will call customers well in advance, so they know when they can expect his arrival. He says these gestures mean a lot to customers, especially those who take a day off from work to be present when the freight is being delivered to their curb.

In response to the wonderful comments received, Corinthian says, “I feel good knowing that something as simple as being a delivery driver can make an impact on someone’s day.”

“I always do my work with a smile, and when I do that, I can leave customers with a smile as well,” he added.

Thank you for shipping it like you own it, Corinthian!

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