LTL Best Practices

May 20

LTL Shipping Best Practices

When used properly, shipping Less-than-Truckload (LTL) freight can be both efficient and cost effective for shippers. The below best practices will help shippers optimize their LTL shipping with Roadrunner Freight's online tools.

Do Your ResearchDo Your Research

Understanding the model and network of your LTL carrier is crucial and helps to avoid customer frustration. By ensuring that you understand your LTL carrier, it will help set expectations for both parties. Learn more about Roadrunner Freight's unique Origin Consolidation distribution model here.

Understand TariffsUnderstand Tariffs and NMFC Numbers

When shippers make an effort to understand Tariffs and the NMTFA classifications, it reduces the possibility of shippers acquiring unexpected costs. Staying up-to-date on NMFC updates helps shippers stay knowledgeable about the requirements of packaging their freight. Learn how NMFC numbers are put together here.

Plan Your ShipmentsPlan Shipments Ahead of Time

The capacity crunch within the LTL industry fluctuates depending on various conditions, such as driver shortage, seasonal needs and weather. Plan your shipments ahead of time to ensure that your carrier can prioritize your freight and reduce the chances of paying more for last minute LTL shipments. Get a quote
through Roadrunner Freight's Rapid Pricing Program here to get started optimizing your LTL shipping!

Streamline Your Supply ChainStreamline Your Supply Chain Through Digital Tools

Most LTL carriers offer the option for online LTL Rate Quotes, real-time tracking information, tools to create a Bill of Lading and much more. By utilizing these online functions, it aids shippers in streamlining their                                                    operations and keeping track of their LTL shipments. Schedule a demo of                                        Roadrunner Freight's online tools by registering here.

Roadrunner Freight is focused on providing cost effective, reliable and customer focused LTL shipping. If you have any questions regarding LTL shipping best practices or other topics, please contact us.

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