Nov 20

NMFC Updates Effective January 4, 2020

The National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) has been updated with changes impacting LTL shippers. Changes will be scheduled to be issued on December 5, 2019, with an effective date of January 4, 2020. You can review the entire update below or continue to read the NMFC codes that are most likely to impact the LTL industry. 

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NMFC Supplement 2 Updates include, but are not limited to:

  1. Boilers, Furnaces, Stoves and Related Articles - The NMFC code 25400 is canceled with reference to new item 26720 with classes based on a density break at 8 pcf.  
  2. Posts or Poles  -  The NMFC code 161100 will be canceled and moved to 161145 which will be amended to density based items with 16 density subs and classes. 
  3. Athletic Goods Group - NMFC codes 15500 are cancelled with reference to NMFC code 187130 which is a density based item with 3 subs and classes. 
  4. Electrical Equipment Group -  The NMFC code 60500 is canceled as obsolete.  
  5. Traps, Bullets or Target -  The NMFC code 17670 is canceled and reestablished as new item NMFC 187130.  

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