NMFC Updates Effective December 19, 2020

Nov 23

NMFC Updates Effective December 19th, 2020

The NMFTA has released updated the latest NMFC updates that will impact LTL shipments with an effective date of December 19th, 2020. Below are a few examples of NMFC changes, and you can access a full list of the updates here

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Updates include, but are not limited to:

  • Items 49900, 49905 and 49920 are canceled with reference to item 49910 "Gloves or Mittens": Concurrently, item 49910 is amended to provide classes predicated on a density break at 7 pcf. New Note, item 49911 is established for clarification. Note, item 49906 is canceled with no further application.
  • Item 34830 "Joints or Seals, pavement, including expansion joints or seals: Item 34830 is amended to provide classes based on greatest dimension and density. Furthermore, the description of item 34830 is amended for clarification by adding reference to construction joints or seals.
  • Item 57940 "Lenses, optical, NOI": Item 57940 is amended to name “Lenses or Lens Blanks, optical, NOI,” at class 85. Package 2148 is canceled as obsolete.
  • Item 84150 "Toy or Model Railroad Equipment": is canceled with reference to item 84260. Concurrently, the “viz.” listing in item 84260 is amended to include “Equipment, toy or model railroad.” New Note, item 84262 is established to clarify the application of the new listing. 
  • Item 154360 "Tape, sealing or masking, paper, gummed": Item 154360 is amended to provide classes based on density, with a break at 15 pcf. The description of item 154360 is also amended for clarification and simplification.

If you have any questions about the latest NMFC updates and how they might impact your shipments, please reach out to your Roadrunner Freight Account Executive.

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