NMFC Updates Effective 8/24/2019

Aug 05

NMFC Updates Effective August 24, 2019

The National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) has been updated with changes impacting LTL shippers. Changes are classified under Supplement 2 and are effective August 24, 2019. You can review the entire update below or continue to read the NMFC codes that are most likely to impact the LTL industry. 

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NMFC Supplement 2 Updates include, but are not limited to:

  1. Toilet Preperations - The NMFC code 59420 becomes a density based item with three density subs and classes. The reference to item 60000 is removed and item 60000 is amended to remove a reference to Toilet Preparations. 
  2. Air Cooler, Water Evaporative Type - The NMFC code 114130 is class dependent and is amended on density and packaging. 
  3. Pressure Reducing Valves/ Pressure Regulators -  The NMFC code 127200 will be canceled and move to 127220 which will be amended to density bases items with three density subs and classes. 
  4. Telephone Parts/ Video Phones - NMFC codes 63285 and 63310 are cancelled with reference to NMFC code 63300 which is a density based item with 11 subs and classes. 
  5. Item 171 - Blump Clause - All references to item 171 are removed from individual items. The artificial construction of density to obtain a lower class is cancelled. 
  6. Cords/ Power Supply -  The NMFC code 61490 amended to state "for permanent attachment to electrical appliances, machines, or tools" with class changed from 65 to 70. 

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