October 2020 Trucker Tribune

Oct 26

Click here to hear a company update from VP of Transportation Shari Leon and VP of Contractor
Relations Brad Sowa.

Company News

Roadrunner Freight TruckPro Discount

With Roadrunner Freight's discounted rate with TruckPro, you can get a pair of snow chains
for $58.54 now through December 31.
To get this discount, visit any TruckPro
location that has the product in stock and
identify yourself as a Roadrunner Freight IC
upon purchase.
This discounted price applies on the purchase
of 1 pair which will apply to 1 axle. Please be sure to take  advantage of this deal while quantities are available and the weather is still mild.

Operations Transition to New Chicago Service Center

The transition of our Chicago operations from our old service center (OEC) to our new facility (CHI) has been an ongoing success! Please continue to verify with your Fleet
Coordinator or the Linehaul team which facility your load will deliver to or where you will pickup.

As we continue to transition, we will need assistance shuttling equipment and you will be eligible to receive compensation for these
moves. For more information, please contact your IC Coordinator.

Sign Up for BestPass, Our New Toll Solution

Do you know an IC or team interested in
driving with Roadrunner Freight? If so, you can
refer them and earn some extra cash!
Team Sign On: $1000 - $500 in 30 days & $500
in 6 months
Referral Bonus: $500 - $250 in 60 days & $250
in 120 days
For more information, please contact your IC Coordinator.

Action Required: Omnitracs Update

Please check your Omnitracs app on your ELD to ensure you are running Version 05.80.0030.000. Any other version will not recognize the changes made to the Hours of Service Regulations that went into effect on September 29th.

To update your app, follow these instructions:
1. Go to home screen
2. Select the three dot menu on top right
3. Select Settings
4. Select About
5. Select Update
6. Update XRS mobile

Driver Spotlights



Local Driver Spotlight: Vlad Biocanin

Vlad Biocanin, a local IC out of St. Louis, MO is dedicated to going the extra mile, even during the busiest freight season. He has great customer/driver relationships and makes every effort to ensure customers get their deliveries on time, intact and damage free. He's well
deserving of this recognition!

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OTR Driver Spotlight: Stephanie James

Stephanie James is a kindhearted, safe driving Roadrunner Freight IC! She provides excellent, reliable service with a smile, and we know we can count on her to ship it like she owns it! She lights up the room with every call she makes to our team, and we’re glad to have her as a partner!

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Driver Feature Story: Corinthian Lynon

The Roadrunner Freight team has received multiple
compliments on behalf of Corinthian Lynon, a local IC
from our Houston, TX service center. He truly depicts the
meaning of Ship It Like You Own It, and we’re proud of the
work he’s done for our customers! Thank you, Corinthian!

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