Three Benefits Of Dock Automation

Feb 03

Three benefits of dock automation 

In today's age, almost everything we do involves the use of technology & the transportation industry is not much different. Dock automation gives team members the visibility needed to improve customer updates and know where all shipments are at all times. Dock automation has many benefits, but let’s start by reviewing the top three!

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Enhances Visibility of Freight 

With the implementation of dock automation, the control over each piece of freight becomes fully visible to the user. When a shipment comes into the service center, it will be scanned and automatically entered into the system giving the specific location of where that freight will be located. Every individual that will be handling this freight will have clear and active visibility of the freight’s whereabouts through forklift scanning and dock automation.  

Shipments Are Moved At A Quicker Rate 

Every person that will be handling the shipment will have access to clear and concise information of where freight is located at all times. Dock automation will remove the process of handwriting a manifest, which in return, will lead the process of loading and unloading the trailer to happen at a much quicker rate. By having reliable information throughout the loading process, a domino effect will occur. Trailers will be loaded faster, which will allow the truck to be set out in transit sooner and arrive at the destination on time without fail. 

Eliminates Opportunity For Human Error

In the transportation industry, human error is likely to occur when information is manually filled out. With dock automation, all freight criteria, the loading process and the route necessary for each individual item will be housed in the information system. This automation will immediately eliminate the opportunity for human error to occur by just the scan of a pallet. 

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