Trucking Forward

Feb 24

Trucking Forward

Jerry Harper was raised Michigan and moved out to Kentucky to live with his father who loved trucking. With trucking in his blood, a love for traveling and an eagerness to meet people, Harper was sold on a career as an Independent Contractor. After making numerous stops along his routes over the years, his favorite place to visit is Jackson, WY to see the Snake River.

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“When I first started driving, it took me three months to figure out what I was doing wrong or right. First, it was figuring out the costs because I was spending more than I was making, so there were some hard times.”

This experience isn’t uncommon for new drivers. For every driver beginning a lease with Roadrunner Freight, there’s plenty of support and guidance to give new drivers a strong start to running their own business. IC Coordinators, Fleet Coordinators and a robust Contractor Relations team offer support to Independent Contactors from the start and are always accessible throughout the partnership.

To anyone just starting a business in trucking, Harper offers some advice: “Watch how much fuel you get and make sure you do pre-trips and safety checks on your truck. Always plan accordingly so you don’t miss a paycheck.”


Running a business comes with its own set of challenges but being able to overcome those challenges is what enables a business to grow. When a driver plans to run their own business, planning for unexpected health concerns is never in the timeline.

Four years ago, Harper was diagnosed with stage four liver cancer. Since then, he’s had three operations that took 62 tumors down to just five. Now that his health has stabilized, he successfully runs 150,000 miles a year.

“In the next few years, I just hope to be healthy. I still see myself driving,” Harper says.

Every Independent Contractor is different, and the Roadrunner Freight team works hard to understand every driver and their individual needs.

“One time, my Fleet Coordinator knew I wasn’t feeling well and made sure to call and check on me once I had reached the terminal. I work with a great team at Roadrunner Freight. That’s the best part of working with them.”

Harper leased on with Roadrunner Freight just one year ago, and he has had a great experience working with his Fleet Coordinator, Mario.

“I wasn’t running lanes that worked for me. Once I started working with Mario, I started doing well. I have no regrets working with Roadrunner Freight.”

At Roadrunner Freight, Fleet Coordinators can assist you and your business by booking your loads and strategizing a success plan for you and your business. In orientation, every Independent Contractor is assigned a Fleet Coordinator.


“If you want a good career and have an opportunity to build a business that’s your own, listen to what Roadrunner Freight offers. Feel comfortable that you can talk to anyone. It’s a good and comfortable place to work.”

Harper came to Roadrunner Freight with over 30 years of experience and a desire to run a successful business. In just one year of working with Roadrunner Freight, he has achieved that and much more.

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