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Leadership Spotlight: Connie Geier

Connie Geier, 24/7 Dispatch Manager, has pursued a career in multiple roles all with one commonality: helping others.

All Roadrunner Freight Facilities are Fully Operational

All Roadrunner Freight facilities are fully operational today February 22, 2021.

Service Centers with Limited Operations - February 19, 2021

Due to winter weather conditions, please see the Roadrunner Freight facilities that will be running limited operations Friday, February 19th.

Facility Closures Due to Weather - February 18, 2021

Due to extreme winter weather conditions, please see the Roadrunner Freight facilities that will be closed Thursday, February 18th.

Facility Closures Due to Weather

Due to extreme winter weather conditions, please see the Roadrunner Freight facilities that will be closed Wednesday, February 17th.

Service Center Closures Due to Extreme Weather Conditions

Due to extreme winter weather conditions, please see the Roadrunner Freight facilities that will be closed Monday, February 15th.

An Independent Contractor's Journey to Trucking

Brandon Brower’s dreams of working in trucking as a child were achieved after he pursued a career in sales for 25 years.

January 2021 Trucker Tribune

Check out our January 2021 Trucker Tribune for the latest Roadrunner Freight Independent Contractor updates!

Leadership Spotlight: Mike Moss

Mike Moss, Sr. VP of Operations and one of the newest members of the Leadership Team, began his career in the transportation industry at just 18 years old.

Passion and Determination: A Driver's Keys to Success

In the past, Gretchel Ramos has partnered with other companies but always found her way back to Roadrunner Freight.

Fulfilling a Legacy: A Team's Inspiration to Succeed

Roadrunner Freight Independent Contractor, Carol Raines, pivoted from a career in Human Resources at a large consumer goods corporation to a career as a business owner who spends her days exploring the sights of our beautiful country with her partner.

Leadership Spotlight: Adam Diercks

Adam Diercks, Senior Vice President of Transportation & Operations, has been in the transportation industry for over 20 years.

Leadership Spotlight: Juan Johnson

Juan Johnson's industry knowledge paired with his background in operations, sales and management has made him a vital member of Roadrunner Freight's team!

NMFC Updates Effective December 19, 2020

The NMFTA has released updated the latest NMFC updates that will go live on August 15th, 2020. Access examples and a list of the NMFC changes here.

Leadership Spotlight: Heather Dunham

Heather Dunham, Human Resources Generalist, is one of Roadrunner Freight's most up and coming leaders with a warm personality and unbeatable drive.

Leadership Spotlight: Chad Scott

Chad Scott, Western Regional Safety Manager, brings a fresh set of eyes and a new perspective to Roadrunner Freight.

Leadership Spotlight: Zach Zertuche

Zach Zertuche's educational background in teaching prepared him for his career as a teacher, leader, and team developer at Roadrunner Freight.

Leadership Spotlight: Greg Mcdermitt

Greg McDermitt, Manager of Weights and Inspections, brings his military background, keen accuracy and problem solving skills to Roadrunner Freight.

October 2020 Trucker Tribune

Read the latest edition of the Trucker Tribune to learn how to get discounts on snow chains, referral bonuses and more!

Local Houston IC Leaves Customers with Smiles

Customers noted the great service provided by Corinthian Lynon, a local IC from our Houston, TX service center through multiple emails to our team.

3 Tips to Make the Most of RapidShip's Shipment Calendar

RapidShip's shipment calendar gives you a birds eye view into all shipments that you have booked through our free TMS. The calendar is color-coated shipment calendar so you can easily identify where your shipment is.

Leadership Spotlight: Shellie Bennett

Shellie Bennett has been a crucial part of the Roadrunner Freight team since 1996. Since the beginning, Shellie has excelled in multiple roles throughout many departments which has molded her into one of Roadrunner Freight's greatest assets.

Leadership Spotlight: Phil Calderone

Phil Calderone, our Director of Quality & Compliance has been working at Roadrunner Freight for nine years but his experience in transportation extends far beyond that

September 2020 Trucker Tribune

Read the latest edition of the Trucker Tribune to learn more about contract & seasonal rate increases, Workhound and our new business scored!

August 2020 Trucker Tribune

Check out the details for BestPass, CVSA's Brake Safety Week, Driver Appreciation week and our driver spotlights in this month's newsletter.

NMFC Classes Explained

Understanding your commodity will help you efficiently ship your freight through LTL carriers. NMFC number and freight classes are defined by the NMFTA (National Motor Freight Traffic Association) and made available through the NMFC (National Motor Freight Classification) on quarterly basis. These NMFC numbers exist to provide a baseline for product standardization.

Delivering What's Important

Roadrunner Freight team members went above and beyond to coordinate the delivery of a special birthday present.

NMFC Updates Effective August 15th, 2020

The NMFTA has released updated the latest NMFC updates that will go live on August 15th, 2020. Access examples and a list of the NMFC changes here.

July 2020 Trucker Tribune

Check out all the latest company updates in the July 2020 Trucker Tribune!

From Local Driving to the Open Road

Roadrunner Freight IC Ronald Hookumchand tells his story of how he transitioned from local truck driving to OTR trucking.

8 Questions You Should Be Asking When Shipping to a Retailer

Your business is growing and you’ve scored a deal with your first retail store - a big step in your business goals! Now you’ll have to iron out supply chain details, such as how you’ll arrange shipments to the retailer’s distribution center or stores and how to meet their “Must Arrive by Date” window.

What Technology Do You Need to Ship to Retailers?

When coordinating product deliveries to big box retailers, shippers need a reliable way of exchanging data. Carriers must comply with consumers' demands for increased visibility and transparency and often use EDI and API technology to do so.

5 Ways a TMS Will Help You Ship to Retailers

As consumer needs grow, big box retailers must meet the product demands, and thus they have created stricter delivery expectations for shippers. To meet the retailers' delivery expectations, shippers must implement new strategies and technology to manage their transportation networks.

What is MABD in Retail Shipping?

Suppliers working with today’s largest retailers are required to comply with strict delivery and compliance regulations, with one of the most common being the Must Arrive by Date delivery window.

Trucker Tribune June 2020

Check out the latest company news in our June 2020 edition of the Trucker Tribune!

The Big Transition: From Company Driver to Owner Operator

If you've ever thought about making the transition from company driver to owner operator, Roadrunner Freight IC Jeff Pasley has advice to get you started.

Vendor Scorecard: The Importance of Compliance

A big box retailer scorecard presents a holistic view of a vendor or supplier’s performance when working closely with these industry partnerships. The scorecard may also reflect the vendor’s compliance with retailers’ policies.

Top 3 Benefits of Shipping LTL to Retailers

There are many expectations involved when shipping into big box retailers. As a vendor, using an experienced, cost effective and reliable freight carrier is an important business decision, but Roadrunner Freight is here to help.

Best Practices for LTL Shipping into Retailers

Shipping into a retailer requires a strong understanding of their compliance, expectations and what you, as a vendor, will be measured upon. Whether you are new to the retail vertical or a seasoned supplier, following these best practices will be sure to provide some helpful guidance. 

Trucker Tribune May 2020

Check out what's new at Roadrunner Freight! Portland is now loading direct outbound loads, fuel to trip is coming and much more. Read about it here.

Traveling with the Wilsons

Meet the Wilsons, Roadrunner Freight's lovable team drivers from Monroe, Louisiana.

What are Freight Dimensioners?

In recent years, carriers started using new technology in service centers to ensure the accuracy of weight, size and classification of freight. Dimensioners (sometimes referred to as dimensionalizers) and forklift scales allow carriers to scan and weigh all freight to confirm NMFC numbers and classifications.

Trucker Tribune April 2020

Check out the latest news and updates from Roadrunner Freight!

Driving Through COVID-19

Because of truck drivers, there are goods on store shelves. Roadrunner Freight IC Todd Wright shares his experience truck driving during COVID-19.

How Do NMFC Updates Impact Your LTL Shipments?

Every quarter, the NMFTA releases updates to the NMFC numbers. These numbers are crucial to shippers in understanding how pricing impacts your commodity and finding the most cost effective way to ship your freight.

NMFC Updates Effective April 25th, 2020

The NMFTA has released updated the latest NMFC updates that will go live on April 25th, 2020. Access examples and a list of the NMFC changes here.

Fast Food Deals to Support Truck Drivers

Walk-in cafes may still be closed, but these restaurants are making special accommodations and giving offers for truck drivers!

Fast Food Deals and Accommodations for Truck Drivers

Are you looking to order fast food during your route? Check out these offers and accommodations from your favorite restaurants!

Learning Along the Way

Roadrunner Freight IC Dan Duesterman shares his insights about a career in trucking and the intriguing lessons that he has learned while being on the road.

Trucker Tribune February 2020

Check out the free tire programs from Goodyear, the latest Clearinghouse updates, Driver Spotlights and more!

Eco-Friendly LTL Shipping

Did you know that the transportation industry is the largest source of carbon emissions in the U.S.?

Trucking Forward

Jerry Harper has never let anything stop him from running a successful business, even through some of the toughest times of his life. His story is a reminder that anything is possible.

Buckle Up for Big Savings!

This new year, shippers around the nation are crunching numbers and examining partnerships to see how they're going to meet their new transportation budget. Below are three tips that will have your boss impressed with your cost saving skills. Here’s how Roadrunner Freight can help you save big on LTL shipping.

Best Practices For Retail Shippers

Large companies such as Brown Paper, Pactiv and others are shipping LTL to make the most of their 2020 transportation spend. As these companies maintain their expert status in the retail packaging industry, Roadrunner Freight is here to be the expert on the best ways to package that packaging. Keep reading to learn four best practices for successfully shipping your packaging materials!

Important information regarding safety and maintenance documents

On February 10, all documentation submitted for safety compliance or maintenance purposes will need to be sent to your IC Coordinator. These documents will no longer need to be sent to Safety or Maintenance directly.

How to Properly Package Paint for LTL Shipping

Shipping hazardous material (hazmat) through an LTL carrier requires specific precautions, labels and documentation. The below information dives into packaging requirements specifically for paint material, but can easily be applied for other hazmat products moving through an LTL network.

Three Benefits Of Dock Automation

Dock Automation gives the visibility needed for employees to see each shipment status and improve customer updates along with many other benefits, but let’s start by reviewing the top three!

Trucker Tribune January 2020

We're off to a great start in 2020! We've added IC Education Resources to the IC Website, launched a new driver recruiting website, converted to Omnitracs and created a new survey for you to partake in. Check it out in the January 2020 edition of the Trucker Tribune!

Earn Extra Funds with the Safety Incentive Program!

As detailed within the Contract for Roadrunner Freight Independent Contractors, the Safety Incentive Program allows you to earn additional funds based on how many clean DOT inspections you receive and what type they are. In order to participate in this program, you need to complete safety video modules.

Truck Driver with a Mission

From driving dump trucks to tow trucks, heavy duty equipment and even a jeep in the Army, it was only natural Robert Palm began driving a big rig. As a Roadrunner Freight Independent Contractor and the Founder of Trucker’s Final Mile, Robert Palm successfully leads in both roles.

Important Message for Independent Contractors

It has been brought to our attention by local authorities that there have been multiple trailer break-ins on the I-94 corridor between Chicago and Detroit that have resulted in stolen freight. These break-ins happened at truck stops, rest areas and other locations where trucks were stationary. Please take extra caution in these areas.

Understanding NMFC Numbers

There are a (quite literally) a lot of moving parts in the transportation industry, and NMFC updates are no exception! Keep reading to learn more about NMFC numbers and the importance of understanding the updates.

4 Best Practices for Winter LTL Shipping

Shipping LTL in the winter can be tricky due to weather delays. Keep reading to learn some best practices for LTL shipping in the winter!

Trucker Tribune December 2019

As we close out 2019, we're excited for new technology, new announcements and a new, exciting mantra for 2020: SHIP IT LIKE YOU OWN IT! Read the December 2019 Trucker Tribune for more.

Four Ways to Save On LTL Shipping in 2020

With the new year beginning, LTL shippers around the nation are crunching numbers and examining partnerships to figure out how they're going to meet their new transportation budget.

Three Ways to Save By Knowing Your NMFC Numbers

NMFC updates happen every quarter and are crucial for all shippers to be aware of, as it directly impacts your freight spend.

6 Ways To Ship Smarter With RapidShip

How many times have you sent a shipment out for delivery just to find out that destination was unable to fit a 53' foot trailer? Or the driver wasn't prepared for a residential delivery because you weren't aware? A TMS is a powerful tool when LTL shippers use it correctly, and the Roadrunner Freight team has a few tips and tricks to help you make the most of your new tool.

Trucker Tribune November 2019

Welcome to the November 2019 Trucker Tribune! Meet the 24/7 Support Team, learn about our new maintenance mailbox, purchase new chains and more!

Colorado Winter Weather Advisory

Please note that our partners in Colorado are experiencing extreme weather and are currently closed for pickups and delivery. For tracking updates, please visit or reach out to customer service.

Four Things to Consider When Shopping for a TMS

Finding the right transportation management system is not always easy. Your choice in software can make a drastic change in your shipping operations, especially if you choose the wrong one! The Roadrunner Freight team has compiled four factors to consider when searching for the right transportation management system.


The National Motor Freight Classification has made changes impacting LTL shippers. The NMFC codes are scheduled to be issued on December 5, 2019, with an effective date of January 4, 2020.

Five Benefits of Using a TMS

Imagine being able to improve your productivity, cost savings and shipment visibility with one piece of technology. With a Transportation Management System (or TMS), shippers can take complete control over their transportation spend and make the best decision for each individual shipment.

Holiday Schedule 2019

Please note Roadrunner Freight's holiday schedule for 2018! We will be closed to allow our team members and drivers to spend time with their families during the holiday season.

Maintenance Safety Inspections Reminder

As a reminder, in-bound inspection lanes are opening on Monday, November 4. Ensure your brakes, lights and tires are 100% DOT compliant. Email to report maintenance or safety problems with equipment.

California Wildfires Impacting Pickup & Delivery

Roadrunner Freight's California service centers are experiencing pickup & delivery delays due to the wild fires.

Trucker Tribune October 2019

Read all about Roadrunner Freight's new Fleet Coordinators, new security check processes, safety updates and more in this month's Trucker Tribune.

Maintenance Safety Inspections

Roadrunner Freight is initiating "walk around" inspections when checking in with security at facilities in ATL, COM, DLS and CHI.

4 LTL Budgeting Tips for 2020

With 2020 fast approaching, managing cost control in a company’s transportation spend is high on everyone's mind. Budgeting software can be pricey, but rest assured that your existing partnerships in the transportation industry can actually save you money in 2020!

What is a TMS?

Do you wish you had a detailed insight into your annual freight spend and carrier rates? Or often find yourself wondering if there is an easier way for you to keep track of your documents for shipment tracking, invoices and potential shipment claim information?

Seven Reasons Why You Need a TMS

Do you find yourself spending too much time shopping around for LTL rates? Or calling multiple carriers for tracking updates? Making the best business decision for each shipment often means using multiple carriers, but how do you keep track of the different documents, rates and information?

API Volume Spot Quote Restored

Our Customer Tools Website is available with limited functionality. You can now use our transit time calculator, create a label and access transit maps. Tracking, quoting and pick up requests remain unavailable.

Freight Talk Septemer 2019

Roadrunner Freight's External Newsletter is back! Learn about Freight Talk other exciting company announcements by reading here!

Driver Appreciation Week 2019

Roadrunner Freight celebrated Driver Appreciation Week at 20+ locations across the country.

Customer Portal Restored

We are happy to announce that the tools on our Customer Portal are now restored, with the exception of API Spot Quote. EDI capability for pick ups and tracking has also been restored. Please visit for all of your LTL shipping needs.

Weather Update: Hurricane Dorian

Roadrunner Freight's Orlando terminal is running limited operations today (9/4) and is only servicing the areas west of Orlando.

Owner Operator Opportunities

Roadrunner Freight encourages Owner Operators to partner with us and reap the benefits of having a dedicated linehaul team, mobile app for visibility and more!

NMFC Updates Effective 8/24/2019

The National Motor Freight Classification has made changes impacting LTL shippers. The NMFC codes are classified under Supplement 2 and will be effective August 24, 2019.

Origin Consolidation vs. Hub and Spoke

When shipping LTL freight, it is crucial to understand the distribution model of each carrier and how it impacts various factors of LTL shipping.

What is the difference between EDI and API?

When coordinating the movement of freight, shippers need a reliable way of exchanging data and carriers must comply with consumers' demands for increased visibility and transparency. Two of the most common solutions to this requirement is by utilizing EDI or API Integrations.

Roadrunner Freight Supports Women in Trucking

At Roadrunner Freight, we proudly support and work with a diversity of Independent Contractors. The trucking industry is always changing and evolving, and that includes recruiting. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only six percent of truck drivers are women.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Packaging LTL Freight

Improper packaging can result in costly damages, fees and delays for LTL shippers. The five tips below will help LTL shippers avoid unnecessary damage and protect their freight.

LTL Best Practices

When used properly, shipping Less-than-Truckload (LTL) freight can be both efficient and cost effective for shippers. The below best practices will help shippers optimize their LTL shipping with Roadrunner Freight's online tools.

Freight Talk May 2019

Roadrunner Freight's External Newsletter is back! Learn about Freight Talk other exciting company announcements by reading here!

Rate Quote vs Spot Quote

Have you ever wondered if you should be getting a spot quote or a rate quote for your shipment? Read our blog to learn which is best!

NMFC Updates Effective 4/27/2019

The National Motor Freight Classification has released an update that will go live on April 27th, 2019. Familiarize yourself with all of the NMFC updates for machinery groups, automobile parts and more!

Why Drive with Roadrunner Freight?

Wondering what it would be like to partner with Roadrunner Freight as an Independent Contractor? Learn more about our fuel surcharge and discounts, fleet maintenance program, mobile application and more by clicking here!

About Roadrunner Freight

Learn about Roadrunner Freight and how it can benefit you as an LTL shipper!

Roadrunner Freight Team Culture

Wondering what the team culture is like at Roadrunner Freight? Check out why our team loves working at Roadrunner Freight!

Download Roadrunner Freight’s Mobile App – Haul NOW!

Roadrunner Freight is using the power of technology to help Independent Contractors maximize their time on the road! Our mobile application, Haul NOW, provides drivers with increased visibility of available loads within the network, allows for proactive booking and improves communication between dispatch and drivers.

What is the difference between LTL and TL shipping?

There are many options shippers can take to move their freight across the United States. When deciding between using a Truckload (TL) carrier or a Less-than-Truckload (LTL) carrier, you should consider your budget, the number of pallets being shipped and any time constraints.

Spring into Savings with Roadrunner Freight!

Attention Chicagoland LTL Shippers! Spring into savings with our Rapid Pricing Program and benefit from cost-effective LTL shipping!

Roadrunner Freight Weather Update 2/12/2019

Roadrunner Freight's terminal in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is running limited operations due to snow accumulation and the Winter Storm Warning issued to Southeast Wisconsin. An additional 7-10 inches of snow is expected within the next 24 hours. Shipments, pick ups and deliveries may be delayed as a result of the snowfall.

Roadrunner Freight Weather Update 2/11/2019

The Roadrunner Freight terminal in Seattle, WA is running limited operations today (Monday, February 11th) as a result of the significant amount of snow received in the Pacific Northwest. Pickups are being restricted to the local metro only and deliveries will occur once the weather improves.

Roadrunner Freight Weather Update 1/30/2019

Roadrunner Freight terminals in Chicago, St. Paul and Milwaukee will be closed today (Wednesday, January 30th) and tomorrow (Thursday, January 31st) as a result of the dangerously cold conditions in the Midwestern states. Delayed shipments, pick ups and deliveries may occur. For any questions regarding shipment status, please visit our tools website here or reach out to Customer Service (855.776.3567).

What is LTL Shipping?

What is Less-than-Truckload Shipping? Various industry shippers utilize this common type of shipment to fulfill their needs for smaller, less than a full truckload, pallets to move through their network. Find out here exactly what LTL entails and if it is right for your company!

Roadrunner Freight Weather Update 1/28/2019

Roadrunner Freight terminals in Chicago, St. Paul and Milwaukee currently have limited operations due to the severe winter weather and heavy snowfall experienced across the Midwest. Any shipments in transit across the Midwest may experience delays due to the icy driving conditions. Please note that the heavy snow and freezing temperatures are expected to continue through Wednesday evening.

Most Common LTL Freight Terms

Entering a new industry that has it's own lingo can be a little daunting! Regardless of being a seasoned employee or new addition into the logistics industry, we think that everyone could benefit from a refresher on the most common LTL Terms!

Now Offering Next Day Delivery in Your Local Metro!

Start moving your local freight faster! Introducing Roadrunner Freight's Next Day Delivery service in your local metro area! Click here to Log In and use your existing pricing to access these new lanes!

NMFC Updates Effective 12/29/2018

The National Motor Freight Classification has released an update on November 29th, 2018 that will go live on December 29th, 2018. Familiarize yourself with all of the NMFC changes for shipping machinery, boots and other commodities by reading our blog!

What is an NMFC Number?

If you're new to LTL shipping, you may be wondering what a National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) number is and why it is so important. The National Motor Freight Traffic Association has created the NMFC to help shippers establish accurate pricing and ensure quality packaging for your freight throughout its journey.!

Refreshed Menu Bar on Freight Website!

We have modernized the menu bar on! All of our tools have remained the same, but the order of the tools have simply changed. Please view the updated changes by clicking here.

Roadrunner Freight Enhanced Weekend Lanes

Don't waste valuable time waiting all the way until next week to request your Pick Up! Our Enhanced Weekend Lanes can get your shipment on the road sooner. Roadrunner Freight's unique business model allows us to provide some of the most competitive pricing in the LTL industry!

Roadrunner Freight Weather Update 11/26/2018

Roadrunner Freight terminals are experiencing disruptive snowfall and dangerous travel conditions throughout the Midwestern United States. All terminals remain open and running, but shipping lanes may experience significant delays due to the snow/ice experienced on the road.

How to Stay Productive During Your Holiday Food Coma - LTL Exclusive!

Use your couch time to get familiar with Roadrunner Freight's online tools! Request an LTL shipping quote, create a Bill of Lading and view Transit Times all without picking up the phone or getting out of your comfy spot on the couch!

Holiday Schedule 2018

Please note Roadrunner Freight's holiday schedule for 2018! We will be closed to allow our team members and drivers to spend time with their families during the holiday season.

Freight Talk November 2018 Edition

Roadrunner Freight is now launching quarterly newsletters that will highlight "What's New" in our company, recent blog posts, infographics and any upcoming news that we think is important for you to know!

Winter Truck Maintenance Tips

Take care of your truck AND your wallet by utilizing these helpful hints for Winter Truck Maintenance!

Rapid Pricing Program: Six Reasons to Use Our RAPID PRICING PROGRAM

Roadrunner Freight's Rapid Pricing Program simplified into 6 easy steps.

Roadrunner Freight Weather Update 10/11/2018

We currently have limited operations in NC, SC, and VA due to Hurricane Florence. We will continue to monitor the storm and resume normal operations in these areas once the conditions are safe.

Roadrunner Freight Weather Update 9/14/2018

We currently have limited operations in NC, SC, and VA due to Hurricane Florence. We will continue to monitor the storm and resume normal operations in these areas once the conditions are safe.